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Denver Estate Planning Law Firm - Client Reviews

“What and amazing service this provided for us and our family. Great firm to work with. They handled everything for us so we didn't have to worry about anything.”

– E PM Moe

“Michelle Adams is an excellent woman of excellent character and integrity. Highly recommended.”

– Jendayi Harris

“Highly sensitive, competent, and confidential. Trust Michelle to be there for you and your Family when you are planning for the Future.”

– Gerard Lou

“Yes, Very professional with just what my mother needed. Your services are so needed. Thank you for what you do.”

– Kristen Carroll Parker

"After the arrival of our first child, my husband and I realized how important it is have our ducks in a row if the unthinkable should happen. We had put off having our wills drafted because really, who wants to think about that stuff? But with a daughter in the picture, it is a relief to know that not only are our final wishes documented, but we also have a guardian appointed and a plan as to who will take care of our little one and how. Michelle Adams is a Denver area trust and estate attorney with family law experience. Michelle is professional, courteous and knowledgeable and she has helped our family to ensure that we have all of the documentation necessary if either or both my husband and I were incapacitated or worse. If you have thought about having your will drafted, a guardian appointed for your child/children, or even who would take care of your bills/accounts if you were not able to do so, I would highly recommend that you get in touch with Michelle."

- Anna and Doug, Denver

"Michelle is the consummate professional and she supplements her vast legal knowledge with wisdom and heart. Her warmth and sense of humor lightens the stress of talking about what can be an uncomfortable topic. She's also very patient in creating the customized estate package to help families plan for more secure futures. I highly recommend Michelle for all of your estate needs."

- Jeri, Aurora

"If you need a will then you need to call Michelle. She is extremely thorough in her approach while remaining personable in dealing with each individual involved. She asks the appropriate questions to ensure the intent is clear and provides quick follow up on all action items. Michelle's costs are reasonable and you will quickly know that she is an expert in her field!"

- Vanecia, Aurora

"After years of talking about creating a will and leaving a legacy for our family, my wife and I decided we needed to stop talking and finally take action. We have known Michelle Adams for many years and we decided to reach out to her for guidance. Michelle answered our questions and assisted us with our family trust and will. Since creating our family trust and will, we feel confident our specific wishes will be honored and our family will be taken care of when we are gone."

- Erik and Dawn, Highlands Ranch

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