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Who Will Inherit Tina Turner’s Fortune?

Tina Turner’s husband is set to inherit nearly half her estimated $250 million fortune.
07/06/23 • by: Law Office of Michelle Adams
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Is Aretha Franklin’s ‘Voice-from-the-Grave’ Having an Impact on Litigation Over Estate?

Thursday brought one of the most dramatic courtroom moments so far in Aretha Franklin’s long-running estate saga, as a judge heard 20 minutes of newly uncovered voicemails left by the Detroit star shortly before her death.
05/24/23 • by: Law Office of Michelle Adams
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Presley Estate Battle Heating Up

Priscilla Presley believes she should be in charge of daughter Lisa Marie Presley's estate. However, a legal document filed seven years ago suggests that wasn't what the singer-songwriter wanted should she die.
02/21/23 • by: Law Office of Michelle Adams
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What’s the Latest with Larry King’s Estate?

The $100 million battle involving Larry King’s widow Shawn has heated up with the late television personality’s ex-business managers accusing him of having a secret bank account, has learned.
01/22/23 • by: Law Office of Michelle Adams
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Who Were the 119 Heirs to a Chicago Man’s $11 Million Estate?

It turns out it’s not just in the movies that you can get a huge inheritance from that uncle you never knew about.
01/22/23 • by: Law Office of Michelle Adams
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Is a Colorado Prisoner Tupac Reincarnated and Entitled to His Vast Estate?

A Colorado inmate filed a lawsuit in New York to obtain Tupac Shakur’s estate because he believes he’s the late rapper reincarnated.
11/22/22 • by: Law Office of Michelle Adams
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What Does New Research Tell Us About Muhammad Ali’s Parkinson's Disease?

Muhammad Ali had idiopathic Parkinson's disease that emerged at an early age, according to new evidence from physicians who repeatedly evaluated the fighter over 20 years.
11/17/22 • by: Law Office of Michelle Adams
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How Did Olivia Newton-John Plan Her Estate?

Olivia Newton-John would have celebrated her 74th birthday on September 26. The Cambridge-born star earned millions for her efforts in music and entertainment, and a staggering final act of charity saw Newton-John’s family splitting their inheritance with her charities.
11/02/22 • by: Law Office of Michelle Adams
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Patagonia Founder Chouinard Gives Company to Planet Earth

’Instead of ‘going public,’ you could say we're ‘going purpose,’ Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard said of his decision to give away the multi-billion dollar company.
10/12/22 • by: Law Office of Michelle Adams
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No Inheritance Tax for King Charles III

King Charles III has ascended to the U.K. throne, but he won't have to pay the U.K.'s inheritance tax on the massive wealth he inherits from his late mother, Queen Elizabeth II. That's because of a deal the royals made with the government nearly 30 years ago.
10/12/22 • by: Law Office of Michelle Adams
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